Website Terms of Use

Bomet maintains its website, www.bomet.pl, for information, education and communication purposes.

Bomet’s website is made available to users in line with the terms below. Opening and browsing the website is tantamount to accepting these terms.

  1. Access to the website is permitted for a specific time and Bomet reserves the right to modify the content of the website at any time, without a prior notification. Bomet is not liable in case the website becomes unavailable for any period of time due to any reason.
  2. Titles and rights to derive benefits from any copyright pertaining to texts or images in any software contained on the website are the property or are subject to the license of Bomet. Without Bomet’s written consent, no materials contained on the website can be published, copied or distributed in any mode. Bomet does not guarantee that use of the information contained herein by the user will not violate the rights of third parties which are not related to Bomet.
  3. It is forbidden to use Bomet's name and logo in advertising materials within the scope of distribution of such information without adequate prior consent of Bomet expressed in writing.
  4. The user may share the link to the website provided it is done in a fair mode and in compliance with the law and the reputation of Bomet is not compromised or risked; however, the link cannot be shared in a mode suggesting any form of cooperation, acceptance or support on our side, if such situation does not take place.
  5. Wherever the Bomet website contains links to other sites and resources made available by third parties, such links are posted exclusively for information purposes. Bomet does not control the content of such sites or resources and is not liable for any damages or losses which may result from using them.
  6. Bomet processes the information about the user in line with the privacy policy that is presented on the website. By using the website, the user agrees for such processing.
  7. The user is liable in compliance with the applicable Polish law for failure to adhere to the terms of using the website.