We support our Customers during the whole period of use, both during the warranty period and thereafter. We always make every effort to repair the machine as soon as possible.

The warranty for our machines is valid 12 months from the date of sale.

Service requests are accepted via form.

Sending the application is a simultaneous consent to the processing of personal data as part of the service.

Information about processing of personal data.

During the warranty period we repair defects resulting from production errors or material defects.

The warranty does not cover:

  • damages caused by the use of the machine against the operating manual and its intended use,
  • damages resulting from random or other events for which we are not responsible,
  • machines in which structural changes were found.

Contact with Service Department:

Grzegorz Jaczewski
+48 25 792 38 88 extension no. 113

Zgłoszenie serwisowe


Zgłoszenie reklamacyjne niezawierające poprawnie wypełnionego formularza, zdjęć uszkodzonej maszyny oraz zdjęcia tabliczki znamionowej może nie zostać rozpatrzone.