Tilling sets with front roller Carina

Tilling sets Carina are designed for preparing the soil for sowing during one pass. They can be used to crush solids, destroy encrusted soils and destroy weeds and mix mineral fertilizers with soil.

The machine is equipped with light spring teeth, ended with a replaceable coulter. Teeth are mounted in 4 rows on the cultivator frame. The distance between the teeth is 10 cm.

On the back the unit can be equipped with floating string rollers or with springs pressure with a diameter of 295 mm.

The working depth of the machine is determined by means of support wheels and it is 12 cm.

For heavier soils, where there is a large number of solids, it is recommended to use a front roller that will crush and break them.

The tilling set can be equipped with a drawbar for easier connection of the machine to the tractor.

Symbol U724/1w U724/3w U724/5w U724/7w U725/3* U725/2*
Working width (m) 1,8 2,1 2,5 2,8 3,0  3,2
Working depth (cm) 12
Number of teeth (pca) 18 21 25 28 30 32
Distance between teeth (cm) 10
Front rollers diameter (mm) 280
Rear rollers diameter (mm) 295
Machine weight with string rollers (kg) 500 530 585 620 780 800
Machine weight with string rollers with springs pressure (kg) 530 565 630 670 835 855
Power demand (kW / HP) 35 / 48 40 /55 45 / 61 53 / 72 58 / 79 60 / 82

 *transport on public roads strictly forbidden

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