Heavy tilling sets Canis

Heavy tilling sets Canis prepare the soil for sowing under different soil conditions.

The main working elements are two rows of spring teeth ended with duck foot share, which cut and loosen the soil well. By using a parallelogram mechanism, the intermediate frame determines accurately the depth of the teeth in relation to the shafts in the range from 2 cm to 12 cm. In the machine used side deflectors to limit the pouring of the soil beyond the working width of the machine.

The front string roller with a diameter of 370 mm and the front crusher blade facilitate work on compact and lumpy soils.

At the rear machine can be equipped with a crosskill roller with a diameter of 350 mm or a string roller with a diameter of 370 mm.

The crosskill roller is recommended for heavy and compact soils, and the string roller for lighter and less concise.

The final element is leveling board that kneads the soil for sowing.

The additional equipment may be string smooth roller with a diameter of 280 mm. The roller can be install in place of the leveling board.

Symbol U985/3 U985 U985/1 U985/2*
Working width (m) 2,0 2,5 3,0 4,0
Working depth (cm) to 12
Number of teeth (pcs) 8 10 12 16
Distance between teeth (cm) 25
String roller diameter (mm) 370
Crosskill roller diameter (mm) 350
Machine weight with string roller (with rear leveling board) (kg) 1000 1170 1260 1680
Machine weight with crosskill roller (with rear leveling board) (kg) 1200 1330 1460 2020
Machine weight with string roller (with string smooth roller) (kg) 1050 1240 1335 1780
Machine weight with crosskill roller (with string smooth roller) (kg) 1250 1400 1535 2120
Power demand (kW / HP) 60 / 82 75 / 102 90 / 122 120 / 165

*transport on public roads strictly forbidden

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